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What is KeeCash and How does it work ?

What is KeeCash?

KeeCash is a 100% digital solution that facilitates online payments from Africa in 11 countries with Mastercard virtual cards that can be reloaded instantly by Mobile money and cryptocurrencies in order to pay online without any restrictions internationally. The world of cryptocurrency is not left out at KeeCash, the application allows you to withdraw cryptos directly from any wallet instantly to your Mobile Money in Africa. And finally, with our PayMe service, you can receive international payments automatically converted into your local currency 💸 safely.

With the KeeCash app you can buy on Amazon, subscribe to Netflix, listen to your favorite songs on Spotify, host your website on Ionos, buy online games on Playstation, book your plane tickets and hotels on Booking, self-train online on Udemy, highlight your business by boosting your Facebook Ads, Google Ads... and the list is long!

The international online market

By subscribing for free, you can benefit from a range of exclusive services:

- obtaining an international virtual bank card that can be recharged by mobile money and cryptocurrencies ;
- an account-to-account transfer service between KeeCash users;
- a withdrawal service;
- a dashboard to track the status of all your transactions and invoices;
- a business card service for entrepreneurs;
- with our affiliate (sponsorship) program you can gain money;
- a cryptocurrency withdrawal service to Mobile money;
- PayMe, a reception service of your payments from abroad directly in your Mobile Money...

Set off to conquer the online market now with unbeatable rates!

Once you receive your card in your KeeCash space you can immediately enjoy it.

How does it actually work?

Add/Create a new KeeCard

Make a deposit in your account via Cryptocurrencies

How do I pay online with my KeeCash card?

Where can I use my KeeCash card: Authorized - prohibited sites

Withdraw from my Keecard

Transfer - How to transfer money to another KeeCash account

How does sponsorship work?

For more information please visit our helpdesk: Learn more

KeeCash is a simple and neat user interface to guarantee you a good experience. It is designed by Africans for Africans and creates meaning for you and us too 🤗``

You have no reason to miss out 📲

- Web App
- Android App
- IOS App

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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