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How do I pay online with my KeeCash card?

All fields on your card 💳 are important for the success of your payment.

Number of the card: To be entered in the field $ {color} [# ff0000] (Card number).
Expiration date of the card: It is always in the following formats: $ {color} [# ff0000] (Month / Year (MM / YY)) [example: 12/12] or $ {color} [# ff0000] (MM / YYYY) [example: 12/2012] or then separate $ {color} [# ff0000] (MM) and $ {color} [# ff0000] (YY) or $ {color} [# ff0000] (AAAA) in the payment form.
Name and first name of the card holder: To be entered in the $ {color} [# ff0000] (Name) field of the payment form.
CVV also called visual cryptogram or CVC or Security code : 3 digits usually entered at the end of the payment form.
If you are asked for a postal code , you can enter 75000 if you do not enter yours.

_Your CV is an essential element for the security of your payment. We therefore strongly recommend that you never communicate it.

Your keecard details

Example of online payment form

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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