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Transfer - How to transfer money to another KeeCash account

How to transfer money between 2 KeeCash accounts ?

Note that it is possible to transfer money to another country covered by KeeCash without extra fees: Country and Mobile money covered by KeeCash

Go to your menu, look for the Transfer tab and click on it.
The minimum transfer amount is 5€ while the ceiling equals the entire balance of your card.

Enter the email address associated with the KeeCash account you want to transfer to and then enter the amount you want to transfer.
Click the Transfer button to continue your transfer

Make sure that the email address corresponds to a KeeCash user account, you will get an error message if this is not the case.
You will soon be able to enter the number associated with the beneficiary account to initiate your next transfers.

View your fee details and the amount the beneficiary will receive. Then click the Pay button before returning to a summary screen before finalizing your transfer.

Once finalized, wait approximately 5 minutes for your transfer request to pass the validation stage.

For unlimited money transfer, we invite you to visit our application on 🤜:

- Web app
- App Android
- App IOS

Here is a video describing all the steps to initiate a transfer:

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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