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Validation of my account


As a security measure, you must enter your identity information in your KeeCash application and then attach supporting documents. This step is essential to take full advantage of KeeCash. The goal is to increase the security of the transactions on the application and to protect you.

Identity control is a regulatory requirement that oversees flows, particularly those related to financial services. This authentication process is known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

Fill in your identity information

Go to the Menu and then Settings to fill in your identity information.

You can also follow the following path: Reload or Withdraw > Choice phone number > Enter amount > Reload my card> Pay > If no validated document has yet been submitted, a request for proof of identity is requested here.
Go to your menu and click "Settings"
Click on "Change your information"

Enter your last name , first name and date of birth as per the information marked on your ID.
For the address, we are well aware that in Africa some of our customers do not have an address per se but don’t worry, here is a solution:

Address: if you have a street number and name then enter it if not please put your neighbourhood name.
Additional address: A geolocation if you have any or any other information about your location.
Postal code: Put the international telephone code of your country (example: 241 in Gabon, 237 in Cameroon, 225 in Côte d'Ivoire...)
Enter your information

Attach your identity document
We accept National ID cards, Visitor Credentials, Driver’s Licence, Passports, Voter Cards. Under certain conditions, for some countries we can accept receipts with ID photos.
Attach ID

Attention! For the identity card, make sure to provide the two sides of the document, the front and back. You must take your original documents directly from your phone! No photocopying. Also note that business cards and student cards are not accepted.

Attach a selfie with your ID.
A selfie with your ID in your hand is required to ensure that you are the owner. Please send us a selfie or you hold your ID in your hand. You have to show the face of your room to the camera.
Attach a selfie with your ID

At this stage, your identity is being validated and you will have to wait a maximum of one working day.
Verification in progress
You will finally receive a confirmation email and you can use your first reload!

Identity confirmation email

See you soon in your favorite app 😁

Updated on: 12/04/2022

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