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Validation of my account

Identity verification

For security reasons, you are required to enter information relating to your identity into your KeeCash application and then attach supporting documents. This step is essential to take full advantage of KeeCash. The goal is to strengthen the security of transactions on the application and to protect you.

Identity control is a regulatory requirement which ensures that flows are regulated, particularly those relating to financial services. This identity verification process is known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

Watch this video to see all the steps

Fill in your identity information

Click the Continue button (Screen 1) to fill in your identity information.
Choose the country of the ID you will use, and enter your address, city, postal code (if you do not have a postal code , you can use the one suggested) and click on the Continue button. (See Screen 2)
Choose the type of identity document from the list offered and enter your last name, first name in accordance with the information marked on your identity document and press Continue. (Screen 3)

Note that you must submit the original ID and not the receipt. Among the accepted documents, you have the passport, the national identity card, the driving license, the ECOWAS identity card, the voter card, the health insurance card or the consular card. Card type varies by country.
For the address, we are well aware that in Africa some of our customers do not have an address to speak of but don't worry, here is a solution:

Address: if you have a street number and name then enter it, otherwise please enter the name of your neighborhood.
Postal code: Put the international telephone code of your country followed by 2 zeros (example: 24100 in Gabon, 23700 in Cameroon, 22500 in Ivory Coast...)

Take a selfie.
You are asked to take a selfie to ensure that you are the holder of your identity document. Please send us a selfie with a cute smile. Make sure to take a selfie without accessories such as glasses or a hat.

Take a photo of your proof of identity
Place the front of your ID in the frame so that all 4 corners of your ID are visible; you can touch the screen to focus. When you find the image clear and readable enough, take the photo (Screen 6). You will then see a message saying that the face is detected, then you can use this image (Screen 7).

Then place the back of your ID in the frame, bringing out its 4 corners. When the image is clear and readable, you can take the photo and use it. (Screen 8 and 9)

At this stage, the validation of your identity is being processed and you will have to wait a maximum of 5 minutes to receive feedback.

You will finally receive a confirmation email and you can start creating your card!

See you soon in your favorite app 😁

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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