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Share and earn money with KeeCash

How to earn money πŸ’Ά with KeeCash ?

Share KeeCash app around you and earn money thanks to our sponsorship system.

Concretely, the operation of our sponsorship offer is simple: if your godson opens an account with KeeCash and carries out a transaction, you will receive a percentage of 0.175%+0.1€ on the fees of his transaction which will then be credited to your Keecash account.

You can sponsor as many people as you want, there is no limit. The more you sponsor the more money you will earn πŸ’Ά. Your referrals will in turn be able to sponsor to earn money.
As a KeeCash customer πŸ‘©πŸΏπŸ‘¨πŸΏ your Sponsorship Space allows you to:

Sponsor your loved ones
Track the status of your invitations and winnings
View your total prize pool

What conditions must be respected?

For the sponsor, he must hold at least one Keecard πŸ’³. To receive sponsorship earnings, it is not enough to have opened an account.

For the godchild, you must reside in one of the countries where KeeCash is available, have never created an account with KeeCash and have validated his ID.
Open a KeeCash account
Are there any requirements to get a Keecard?
Countries covered by KeeCash

How it works ?

Log in to your KeeCash account. Go to your dashboard, look for the Sponsorship button in your menu and click on it.

Send an invitation to your future godchild.

On your sponsorship page, you will discover several possible ways to send an invitation to your loved ones:

Send the sponsorship id (3) by clicking on the Copy button and sharing it with your loved ones or on your social networks.
Copy your sponsorship code and indicate it to your godson so that he can enter it optionally when registering

OR share your sponsorship code by clicking on the Share button (4)
A small message is auto-generated containing your sponsorship code. You can copy this message and personalize it to invite your future referrals or do it directly by email, among your Facebook friends, your Whatsapp contacts, on Instagram, by message...

Your godson receives his invitation. In turn, the godchild must accept the invitation.
To open a KeeCash account, check our help page here: Open a KeeCash account
The godchild registers either:

On web app: If he clicks directly on the sponsorship link sent, he does not have to enter anything. (coming soon)

On iOS app: If they do not click on the sponsorship link and they have the sponsorship code, they can register by optionally indicating the code

On Android app: If the godson has already received the sponsorship code, in this case, he can optionally enter it when registering

Back in your sponsorship area, on the list of your referrals, the status of the referral changes from Pending to Registered* * upon registration.
Also visit our help page to learn how to add or create a KeeCard: Add/Create a new KeeCard

The godson makes his first acquisition, validate his id and you will receive your bonus in your Keecash account. To notify you, you will receive an email indicating that you have won money. On the list of your referrals, the status changes from Registered to Paid. Your winnings are credited to your Keecash wallet.
[I sponsor a loved one]

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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