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Open a KeeCash account

Steps to register and open a KeeCash account:

A video that shows you how to do it step by step:

To register with KeeCash:

Visit our Android app or iOS. On the login screen, click Register.

⚠️You must be of age to use KeeCash.

To go faster you can register directly with Gmail or Facebook - Meta otherwise you can use your email address.

The sponsorship code is optional. If you have been sponsored you can enter the sponsorship code of your sponsor in the required field otherwise skip and continue your registration, it is not blocking.
Step 1
Opening a KeeCash account is free. To register you will not have to pay us a minimum amount.

Enter your details: Email address - Password - Confirm password
⚠️Enter a valid email address to avoid any problems when registering, you will receive a code on it at the next step.
Step 2

To validate your email address, copy the 5-digit validation code sent to you by email.
Step 3

4.Select the country in which you reside and add a phone number.
Please enter your number in international format. For Gabon for example it will be +241 followed by your tel number

Step 4

Set and confirm your 7-digit pin. You’ll use it to log into your account easily without having to log back in every time.

⚠️ This code is for personal use and should not be disclosed to anyone for security and privacy reasons.

Step 5

Once your PIN is confirmed, you arrive on your dashboard and you are now almost ready to create your card!

Check out our help here for create a card

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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