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Open a KeeCash account

Steps to open a KeeCash account:

To register on KeeCash:

Visit our web application, Android or IOS. On the log in screen, you click on "Sign up"
Step 1: Sign up

There is no fee for opening a KeeCash account. To sign up you will not have to pay us any minimum amount.

Add your contact information (Last Name - First Name - Date of Birth - Gender - Country- Password) as indicated below.

The information you enter must match the information in your attached ID to validate your account.
Fill in your identity information
||| ⚠️Enter a valid email address to avoid problems when signing up, you will receive a code on it at the next step.

Validate your email address. Copy the 4-digit validation code that was sent to you by email (see images below).
Your email address is finally validated.

Step 3: Checking email address

See our FAQs for more information about KeeCash.

Updated on: 11/04/2022

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