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Where can I use my KeeCash card: Authorized sites - prohibited
Authorized sites
Here is a non-exhaustive list:
Facebook Ads,
Google Ads,
Ali Baba,
Google Play,
Apple Store,
Online training site
and many other legal sites

Forbidden or restricted sites
The prohibited sites are:
Game of chance ,
money transfer,
site for adults,
illegal activity site.

Note: Trading, cryptocurrency, money transfer, dating and gambling are prohibited because the program with Mastercard limits us. Indeed, historically, these activities may encourage money laundering. KeeCash is committed to developing its offer in the future in order to gradually open up these uses while securing the use and origin of the funds used.

You will find these lists before finalizing your purchase. Remember to consult it. If your site falls within this scope of authorized sites then your purchase should work.

Other elements to take into account
2 things to take into account when making your purchase
You may be asked for a 3D secure code or ID Check. In this case, you will have to consult this help:
3D secure code
We have debit cards with a higher level of acceptance on the sites. These are single-use cards that you can get for free from your primary card. These maps work for example on Google Ads and Google Developper. To get one, you will have to follow the instructions explained in this link :
Create a Unique card

Note that for cryptocurrencies, the card is connectable to PayPal and you will therefore be able to get cryptos on sites like :

To connect the card to PayPal, please follow this article : How do I link my KeeCash card to Paypal?

For trading please follow our article : Trading
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