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Create a card

How to create a card?

To create a card you must have validated your account with proof of identity: Comment valider son compte

You can create a card 24/7 from your external wallet balances Mobile money or Cryptocurrency or directly from your KeeCash wallet if you have made a deposit and have the required amount.

Here you can see how to make a deposit to your KeeCash wallet: Make a deposit into your account via Mobile Money and Make a deposit in your account via Cryptocurrencies

How does it work?

From your dashboard click Create card

Create card - 1

Then choose whether you want to create your card by paying with Mobile money or Cryptocurrency.

Create card - 2

If you wish to pay by Mobile money:

Watch the video below if you want to create a card and pay with Mobile money

Add and validate a Mobile money phone number by clicking Use a new. Depending on the country in which you are you will have the opportunity to choose your mobile money then enter your number.
⚠️You must enter your number here in national format with no spaces or special characters.
Create a card with Mobile money - 1

You then arrive at the screen shown in the image below with the available card type and corresponding price. Press Continue
See here What types of cards do we offer?
Create a card with Mobile money - 2

Enter the amount you want to top up on your card.
Create a card with Mobile money - 3
The minimum recharge is $2 and the maximum is $1,632. If you would like to top up a maximum amount please contact our online support.

Give your card a name.
Create a card with Mobile money - 4

Summary screen
You finally arrive on the summary screen with all the details and you can press Pay and create the card You will then receive instructions on your mobile money to confirm your payment.
Create a card with Mobile money - 5

If you wish to pay by Cryptocurrency:

Watch the video below if you want to create a card and pay by Cryptocurrency

Si vous n'avez pas encore valider votre compte, vous devrez le faire pour pouvoir créer votre carte: Valider mon compte

Si vous souhaitez savoir quels sont les sites autorisés pour la carte consulter cet article: Où puis-je utiliser ma carte KeeCash : Sites autorisés - interdits

Pour un paiement en ligne sans limite, nous vous donnons rendez-vous dans nos applications 🤜:

- App web (En maintenance)
- App Android
- App IOS

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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