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KeeCash pricing and fees

KeeSend pricing

KeeCash wallet deposit5% + $0.99 (Via crypto)$210 000$
KeeCash wallet withdrawal to external wallet3.5% + $0.99 (Via crypto)no minno max
Transfer fees to another KeeCash wallet3.5% + $0.99no minno max
Maintenance feesFree

Pricing of a KeeCard

KeeCard cost20(eur/usd)2 years of validity
KeeCard recharge fee3.5% + $0.99$2unlimited
KeeCard withdrawal to KeeCash walletFreeno minno max
Payment transaction feesFree

The price of a KeeCash card is $20, and the card is valid for 2 years. This price is to be paid once only only upon activation while for other recharges you will only have to pay the recharge fees.

KeeCash undertakes not to charge you any management and account maintenance fees. For your online payments, rest assured, you have an international bank card which does not deduct any fees from your transactions. KeeCash only charges the fees stated above.

Make a deposit in your account via Cryptocurrencies

Add/Create a new KeeCard

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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