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My payments are rejected

You try to pay with your card, without success?

Insufficient Balance
The first thing you should naturally check before making a payment is the balance of your card. You cannot spend more than you have on your card, in which case your payment will be refused by the merchant.
Exemple: If you have 10€ on your card, you will not be able to pay a 15€ bill. In this case, reload your card and try again to pay.

Note that when you do not have sufficient funds and a merchant tries to charge your card without success, the card is filtered and will be verified by the merchant when you try to pay with sufficient funds again. This verification varies according to the merchant but does not generally exceed 7 days.
Incorrect entry
Make sure you enter your card details correctly or your payment will be returned declined.
How to pay online with my keecard?
Outstandings are sums of money that have been raised but not yet recovered, these are transactions whose amounts have not yet been recovered and officially deducted to calculate the actual balance of your card. Once the outstanding amounts have passed, you can try again to pay if your balance is well enough.
The maximum amount outstanding varies depending on the merchant but does not generally exceed 10 days.
Restricted Merchant Category
You may have tried to pay at a restricted merchant with the keecard. For more information please refer to the following article:
Where can I use my KeeCash card: Authorized sites - prohibited
Card blocked
If you have already been subject to several warnings given the use of your KeeCash account, your card may have been blocked and you can no longer use it to pay online.
Before blocking a card we communicate with you by text, call or email and usually expect a return within 2 days.

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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