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Make a deposit in your account via Cryptocurrencies

How to make a deposit in your account with cryptocurrency ₿ ?

Deposit in your account is possible with cryptocurrency. Once payment has been made, you will instantly receive your deposit, 24/7.

How it works ?

Log in to your KeeCash app. Go to your dashboard, click on Deposit ( Screen 1 ). Select the wallet in which to make the deposit and click on Continue (Screen 2) and then choose the cryptocurrency with which to make the payment ( Screen 3).

Indicate the reason for your deposit or a reference (it's optional) and click on Continue (Screen 4). Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click Continue (Screen 5). The summary of your deposit with the total amount to be paid is displayed including the fees, if this summary suits you, click on Finalize the deposit (Screen 6).
At the moment, the minimum to deposit is 2$ and the maximum 10 000$

Carefully read the popup that appears and click I understand (Screen 7). To finalize your deposit:
Send the amount to be recharged to the address displayed on your screen (Screen 8). From your cryptocurrency wallet, follow the instructions to send to the address you copied from KeeCash.

⚠️ It is important to make the payment with the same cryptocurrency network as the one chosen in step 3. If you choose Bitcoin as crypto, for example, please make the payment from a Bitcoin network only.
You can scan the QRcode or copy the crypto address to make the payment to from the app.
At the bottom of the screen, you are given a 24-minutes countdown that must not be exceeded to finalize your payment, otherwise your transaction will be cancelled.

You can use any cryptocurrency app to make your payment. In this tutorial, I am using the Binance app to make the payment.

Here, I chose the TRC20 network to make the payment because I selected USDT_TRC20 in step 3.
I indicate as an amount 27.871, taking into account the Binance fees which are 1$. The amount that will be transferred is 26.871 USDT

Once your payment is received, your balance is automatically updated. You can click on Go to Dashboard to see the balance that has been updated. At this level, you can reload/create your card or make a transfer to a friend.

A summary video of all the steps to make a deposit in your account

With KeeCash, your cryptos help you conquer the online market 😁

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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