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Add/Create a new KeeCard

How to Add/create a new KeeCard?

To add or create a KeeCard you must have validated your identity.
Adding a new KeeCard is done from your KeeCash wallet balance and is available 24/7. If you don't have any money in your KeeCash wallet, see this article to see how to Make a deposit in your account via Cryptocurrencies .

How does it actually work?

In your KeeCash account, go to the My Cards tab and click on Add new + (As in screenshot 1). Select the wallet (the USD wallet is the only active one at the moment) with which to create the card and click on Continue (Screen 2). Then choose the type of card (For the moment it is the multi-use card that is available) and click on Continue (Screen 3).

Indicate the amount to top up when creating the card and click on Continue (Screen 4). Give a name to your card and click on Continue (Screen 5). The next page (Screen 6), shows a summary of your order with the total amount that will be debited from your wallet, including the card creation costs. If this summary suits you, click on Pay & Create the card.
The minimum amount to be loaded into the card is $2 and the maximum depends on the amount of money you have in your wallet (after withdrawing the cost of the card).

Creating the card will take a few seconds, then you can click on Go to Dashboard (Screen 7) to see the newly created card. From the dashboard, you can click on View all (Screen 8 ) to see a list of all your cards.

Check this article on how to see your card details informations: See details informations of my card
If you want to know which sites are authorized for the card, consult this article: Where can I use my KeeCash card: Authorized - prohibited sites

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Updated on: 06/09/2023

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