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Withdraw from my Keecard

How do I withdraw from my Keecard to my KeeCash account?

From your KeeCash application, the automatic withdrawal of your money from your Keecard is done exclusively to your KeeCash account. Once the withdrawal is made, you instantly receive your money either in the USD wallet or the EUR wallet (depending on the currency of the Keecard).

How does it actually work 👇

In your KeeCash account, click on the My Cards tab, then choose the card on which you want to make a withdrawal and click on Withdraw. (See picture below).

Choose the card from which to withdraw

Indicate the amount you wish to withdraw and click on Continue as shown in the image below.
The minimum withdrawal amount from a KeeCard is $3 while the maximum amount is $500.

Put the amount to withdraw

If you are happy with the transaction summary, click to Pay and withdraw from card, your withdrawal is successful, then click to return back to the dashboard.

Confirm your withdrawal

See you soon on your KeeCash app 🤜

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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