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Online purchase PIN

What is the Online purchase PIN and how to use it?

The Online purchase PIN is an important security feature for online transactions. It is a PIN generated for each online transaction to enhance security. It is often requested by websites at the time of payment, in addition to credit card information, to verify the identity of the buyer.

Where to find the Online purchase PIN?

At KeeCash the Online purchase PIN can be found directly on your card.

Here’s how to find it:

Log in to your account on our app or website.
Go to "My Card" section.
Select from the list, the card with which you will make your purchase online.
You then arrive at your map: click "Show" to see your map details.

You will see your Online purchase PIN displayed on the virtual card (see image below):
Internet Purchase PIN

How do I use the Online purchase PIN?

Follow these steps in your next online transaction:

At the time of payment, when the merchant site requests the PIN code of your card, use your Online purchase PIN.
Enter this code in the appropriate field on the payment page.
Finalize your purchase.

Important Note: Never share your PIN with anyone. We will never ask you to provide your PIN via email or phone call. This is in place to protect your funds and identity.

Always use this unique PIN for your online purchases to ensure the security of your transactions.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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