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Block/Unlock my card

To Block/Unblock Your Card

Card Blocked by KeeCash

Your card is automatically blocked after several unsuccessful online payment attempts (more than three). This indeed represents a cost for KeeCash. To prevent this situation, we invite you to ensure you have a sufficient balance for your upcoming withdrawals and payments and do not hesitate to cancel online subscriptions you no longer need.

How to unblock your card in this situation?

To unblock your card, you must top up it (see Top up a card) or wait 24 hours after it has been locked. After that, your card will be automatically unblocked, and you will be able to continue using it normally.
We may suspend your account if we notice that your card frequently has many unsuccessful payment attempts due to insufficient balance.

Card Blocked by You

If you wish, for various reasons, you can block and unblock your card yourself.

To do this:

From your dashboard, press directly on your card or on the "My Cards" icon in the shortcut. Note that if you have multiple cards, you can swipe to see all your cards.
Step 1 -  Block - Unlock card

If you press on the "My Cards" icon, you will arrive at a screen with the list of all your cards. Then choose the card you wish to block or unblock.
Step 2 Block - Unlock card

Press the Block button if you wish to block your card, then a confirmation window opens to confirm the blocking of your card.
You can only block your card once per day.
Step 3. Block - Unlock card]
Your card is then blocked.

Confirmation carte verrouillée

How to unblock your card in this situation?

When your card has been blocked by you, simply repeat the same steps (go to the blocked card). Press the Unlock button (see below).
Unlock card

Your card is then unblocked, and you can continue to use it normally.

Confirmation - Unlock card

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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