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Withdrawal - How to withdraw from my card to my Mobile Money

How do I withdraw from my Keecard to my Mobile Money?

From your KeeCash app, the automatic withdrawal of your money is done exclusively to your Mobile money. Once the withdrawal is made you instantly receive your cash.

How it actually works 👇

Go to your dashboard, click Withdraw

Choose a phone number if you have already saved one or you can do so by clicking Add Number.
Add and validate a phone number

Specify the amount to be withdrawn
You can reset your account to 0€ and withdraw the entire balance of your card if you wish.

The minimum withdrawal amount from a KeeCard is 5€ while the maximum amount is 500€.

View your fees details and the amount to be withdrawn. Then click Pay and I finalize my withdrawal to continue your transaction.

Withdrawal request being processed. You will be notified once the deposit is made on your mobile money.

Video recap of the 5 steps to withdraw your money:

See you soon on your KeeCash app 🤜

Updated on: 11/05/2022

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