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Delete my account

How delete your KeeCash account ?

The deletion of your KeeCash account is irrevocable, you will not be able to recover it once the account is deleted and all your data will be deleted in its entirety.

To delete your account :

From your Dashboard go to the Menu and then go to My Account.

Menu Button
My account

You can also use the shortcut at the bottom right by pressing Profile
Profile Shortcut

Once in your account, swipe to the left the list of possible actions until the Close my account button.
Scroll - Action List
Button - Account Closure

It is really a shame to leave us now:( you are almost there. Please tell us why you left.
You can select one or more reasons for this

You can also leave us a message
Account Removal - Reasons

To confirm your account has been deleted by pressing the Close My Account button, you must enter and confirm your password.
Make sure you withdraw all your balance from your account and cards. No refund will be accepted after you delete your account.
Delete Account - Confirmation

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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