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Activate/ Top-up my KeeCard via Mobile Money

How to Activate and Reload my Keecard

The automatic activation and reloading of a KeeCard is done exclusively by Mobile money. Once the payment is made you will instantly receive your refill 24/7.
To reload your card you must have validated your account: Validation of my account

How it actually works 👇

Go to your dashboard, click Activate when it’s your first KeeCard or click Top up if you already have one.

Choose a phone number if you have already a saved one or you can do so by clicking Add a phone.
Add and validate a phone number
Specify the reload amount you want:

The minimum reload amount of a KeeCard is 5 Euro while the maximum reload amount is 500€.
See the ceilings here
See the fees details with complete transparency and the total to pay. Then click the pay button to continue charging.

At this point, you will have an overview of your mastercard with the amount of reload, the expiry date (3 years) and your full name.
To complete your recharge, accept the terms and conditions and click the Add funds to my card button.

a) When you choose Auto Sequence your card will be reloaded with one click automatically. Then enter your Mobile Money PIN and press Pay. Your card will be instantly recharged and you can enjoy it right away.
You will need to have KeeCash enabled for this: Enable KeeCash Accessibility
As a security measure, your Mobile money secret code is never registered.

b) When you choose Manual Flow you will need to follow step-by-step instructions to reload your card. Follow all instructions then only after that press I have paid. Your card will be instantly recharged and you can enjoy it right away.

A video recap of all the steps to reload your card

For an unlimited online payment, please visit our applications 🤜:

- Web app
- Android App
- IOS App

Updated on: 11/05/2022

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