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Create a Unique card

You are a digital marketing pro, you need a card other than prepaid to access Google Ads, Google Console, Google Developer, AWS, etc

Our solution Unique cards will make your life even easier 😄
From your main card, you can create unique cards for free . These unique cards with the built-in 3D Secure protocol make it even easier for you to enter the international online market.

What is a unqiue card?

The unique card is non a rechargeable debit card with a validity period of one year. It has a wider range than rechargeable cards.

Create it with enough money to cover the payments you want to make with and remember that it is not rechargeable.

How do I create a unqiue card ?

Go to the menu at the top left of your dashboard (1), look for the Unique cards (2) tab and click .

First, specify the amount you want to reload into your new unique card. If you click MAX, the entire balance of your card will be displayed. This is your available balance to create your unique card. As shown in the capture below (4), click Create to trigger your card creation.

Please note that the minimum to create a unqiue card is 1 EUR

Confirm that it is your choice to create a one-time card. Then you wait about 5 minutes for its creation while the system checks the balance of your main card.

Until your unique card is permanently created, you will not be able to run another creation query and you will see << A single-use request is already in progress >>

If after 15 minutes your main card has been charged and your unqiue card has still not been created we invite you to contact our online support for quick support.

Once ready, you will receive a confirmation email.

Finally, go to the list of unique cards created (see image below) to view your card with its balance and bank details.

Good to know: If you need to replenish your main card or if you have some money left in a single card, note that it is possible to withdraw it to the main card. You can also delete a debit card after using it.

Remove a unique card

Delete a unique card

See you soon in your favorite KeeCash app 🤜

Updated on: 14/04/2022

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