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Activate/Top-up my KeeCard via Cryptocurrencies

How to Activate and Reload your KeeCard with cryptocurrency ₿ ?

Activation and automatic reloading of a KeeCard is possible by cryptocurrencies. Once the payment is made you will instantly receive your recharge 24/7 per week.
You can also reload your card by Mobile Money: Activate/Reload my KeeCard by Mobile Money

How does it work?

Log in to your KeeCash app. Go to your dashboard, click on Activate when it’s your first KeeCard or click on Top up if you already have one ( screenshot 1 ). You can also go to your menu and click Top up ( screenshot 2 ).

Indicate your payment method by clicking on Via Cryptocurrency

Enter the reload amount in EURO and confirm by clicking Add funds to my card. Then view the fee details and the total amount to reload. Proceed to the next step by pressing Pay
Minimum reload amount is 1€

Accept the general conditions and press the button Add funds to my card

Select a payment method from the list. Tap the cryptocurrency of your choice or pay via Binance Pay. Through Binance Pay you can reload with other cryptocurrencies that are not included in the suggested list.
Binance Pay is a contactless cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Binance.
Learn more here: Pay with Binance Pay

⚠️ If you choose for example Bitcoin as crypto please send the sum from a Bitcoin network only.
To finalize the activation/recharging of your Keecard:
Send the amount to be reloaded to the address displayed on your screen. From your cryptocurrency wallet, follow the instructions to send to the address you copied from KeeCash.
You can scan the QRcode or open your wallet from the app.
Upon receipt of your cryptos, your card will be automatically reloaded.

At the bottom of the screen, you are shown a 24 minutes countdown not to exceed to finalize your payment otherwise your transaction will be cancelled.

With KeeCash, your cryptos help you conquer the online market 😁

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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