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Step by step

1) Go to then login with your KeeCash credentials

To register follow our help here

2) On the home page and in the menu you have the button << Withdraw cryptos >>, click on it

Home page for crypto withdrawal

3) You arrive in the Crypto Withdrawal area, you must:

a) Choose your operator

! [Choose operator] (

b) Enter your Mobile Money withdrawal receipt number. You can directly enter the number (B1) or choose from your pre-registered numbers (B2 and B3)

Type Mobile Money receiver number

$ {color} [# ff0011] (Note: the withdrawal number must be that of the operator. Example: If you choose MTN Money as operator, you must enter an MTN number when entering the number, if you choose Airtel , you have to put an Airtel number, ...)

c) Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC)

Choose cryptocurrency

d) Enter the amount of the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw. As an example: We want to withdraw 0.0001 BTC so we enter the 0.0001

Enter the cryptocurrency amount and preview for the withdrawal is shown

4) You have the provisional summary with the current price of the value of the cryptocurrency. You can see the price at which KeeCash sells the cryptocurrency in EUR against your local currency (XAF, XOF, USD, GNF, ...). You have the provisional amount receivable

Please note: This calculation is provisional and will be redone upon receipt of your cryptocurrency. Thus, when you have the summary, we recommend that you then finalize your operation, so that the amount to be received does not fluctuate with the evolution of the cryptocurrency market.

5) Click on <<Next>>, you arrive at the interface with the cryptocurrency address to finalize the transfer (5A) and a reference to indicate in your cryptocurrency wallet (5B)

Paiement address and reference

6) Copy the cryptocurrency address and the reference and go to your cryptocurrency wallet to proceed with the transfer.

From your cryptocurrency wallet, follow the instructions to send to the address you copied from KeeCash

Help: Some services to make the transactions
On Binance:
On Coinbase:
On eToro: -wallet /

7) Your transfer is complete! Well done! Upon receipt of your transfer, KeeCash will send you a confirmation email with the final crypto detail upon receipt. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to receive your transfer.

You will then receive your Mobile Money withdrawal on the number you indicated
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