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Are you a digital marketing pro?

Our "debit card" solution will make your life even easier!

From your main card rechargeable by mobile money, you can create single-use debit cards exclusively from the web application.

These debit cards with integrated 3D Secure protocol allow you to enter even more into the international online market with ease.

Access now without any restriction to Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Instant Gaming and all other platforms accepting debit cards.

This allows you to manage multiple cards in one account, making it even easier to manage and organize your activities.

From your KeeCash dashboard, click on the SINGLE USE CARD tab in the menu at the bottom left to get started.

Single-use debit card

You can watch our video to better understand how it works (activate auto sub title in Youtube because vieo is in french)

A - To withdraw, simply click on the Withdraw button visible in the List tab where your unique cards are listed

B - Then a window opens with the amount to enter to withdraw. You have the option to withdraw while clicking on Max. You just have to click on Withdraw then to start your withdrawal to the main card

Please note: Withdrawal from the single card returns the balance of the single card to your main card only. Knowing that the single card is not rechargeable, you will not be able to go back. So make sure before doing the operation

Single card withdraw

Delete a single-use card
When a single-use card has a balance of 0, then you can remove it. The Delete button is automatically displayed after refresh when a card has a balance of 0

Delete a single card when the balance is nil
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