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Problem to Activate/Top-up card

Problem 1: Account Validation

Your account must be validated before you activate and reload a card or you will receive an error message.
To find out how to validate your account please read the following content:
Validate my account

Problem 2: Not receiving verification codes by SMS or email

Please read the following article to find out how to receive your code: Not receiving verification codes by SMS or email

Problem 3: USSD Payment Finalization

During the payment phase from the Android app, you see the USSD write pop-up displayed and no reaction.
This pop-up may require you to complete information such as:

The agent code
The amount
The phone number to transfer to

Here are the solutions to solve this:


Make sure that KeeCash accessibility is enabled: Automation of reloads - Enable accessibility
Go to menu>Settings>USSD Automate OFF/ON > Set to OFF
By restarting you will have the manual instructions to finalize your payment.

If the problem still persists restart your phone/reinstall the app then try again otherwise you can use our web application: KeeCash web application

Problem 4: Country not available

Your country is well covered by KeeCash but you receive an error notification telling you otherwise.
You have a dual sim phone.

It can happen that the robot in place points at the wrong operator, which leads to this type of error.
In this case you have to leave active only the sim card that will be used for payment the time of the operation.
Countries and Mobile Money covered by KeeCash

Updated on: 17/05/2022

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