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PayMe - I get paid

Would you like to receive your international payments in your Mobile Money?

KeeCash has developed the PayMe service just for you!

Whether you are an individual who wants to receive payments from time to time or a professional who wants to receive regular important payments the PayMe is for you.

How does it actually work?

Go to your dashboard, look for the Pay me tab and click on it.

Choose a receipt number to receive your payment in the Mobile Money account of your choice or add a number if you haven’t added one before.

Indicate the amount you expect to receive and then press the button Generate the link

At this point, you will see your payment link that you have to copy and share with your sender.
You can share your payment link directly through WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, SMS, Slack, etc.

For the sender :

On the sender’s side, he must enter his email address to receive the payment receipt. Then he can choose a payment method among the 3 offered.
The sender can pay either by bank transfer, cryptocurrency or Perfect Money.

To make a transfer from the payer’s bank account to your Mobile Money account, the payer must copy the IBAN indicated with the reference as the description or the reason for the shipment.
Once finalized, he should click on the tab Wire transfer done

At this stage the payment is being verified. The payer will be notified by the beneficiary when he receives the transfer.

See you soon in your favorite KeeCash app 😁

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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