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Instant money transfer

Instant money transfer on mobile money


Do you want to send money to your loved ones to Africa?

KeeCash offers you a solution for only 3% regardless of the amount sent.

Am I eligible to make a transfer?

In order to fight against massive fraud and in accordance with the regulations according to the principles of the ACPR, we carry out an identity check (KYC) of each user.
Identity documents, email addresses and telephone numbers are systematically checked during the first transfer.
Once the verification is done, you will no longer need to go through this step for your next transfers.

What are the means of payment?

Transfers are made from your credit card or via your Paypal account.

Can I transfer money from one African country to another or from Africa to Europe?

Money transfers by KeeCash are made exclusively from Europe to Africa.
KeeCash does not currently process inter-Africa transfers or transfers from Africa to Europe.

What are the means of receiving transfers for the beneficiaries in Africa?

Transfers are received by beneficiaries in Africa exclusively through Mobile money.
There are no physical withdrawal points, beneficiaries receive the money directly on their phones and can dispose of it as they wish.

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Updated on: 09/05/2022

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