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The price of the card alone is equivalent to 10 € in your local currency.

When acquiring the card, you pay this price, that is to say 10 € as well as the recharge costs at 2% + 0.99€.

The price of the card will be deducted for all your other top-ups regardless of the amount from 10€.

Gas costs: Variable costs for sending your money to Europe: These costs can be seen directly in the application. Our teams do their best to reduce these fundraising costs

Explanation of fundraising (Gas costs - Network costs - Fund raising costs):

KeeCash cards are generated in Europe, where they have EUROS on them. This has the advantage of avoiding exchange fees of up to 20% at some African banks not to mention your expensive trips and painful queues. If you are using other cards, you have certainly come across this before.

When you pay by Mobile Money, your money is received in Africa and KeeCash must send this money to Europe to recharge your card. This has a significant cost and this is represented by the Gas costs.
The KeeCash team is working to reduce its Gas costs or even eliminate them as the project progresses.

The total amount to pay also depends on the mobile money charges according to the amount fixed by each mobile operator in your country.
You can go directly to the application to do your simulations to have the exact amount you will have to pay depending on the amount you want to top up.

Note: The term <<Gas>> comes from the world of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum e-money precisely, where transaction fees will be paid by whoever buys the crypto to put it in his electronic wallet and in particular electricity costs . These fees are not returned to the seller of the cryptocurrency but captured by the crypto miners to remain profitable in the face of the cost of electricity.
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