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How do I get it delivered?

Delivery to your home is possible!

You can contact [ColisExpat] ( via the following email address:
He will take care of receiving your package and then forward it to your home.

Note the following information:

Dimensions of your product in centimeters (see generally at the bottom of the page of your purchasing platform)
Weight of the product (in kg)
Price of the product with the delivery costs in France

Simulation of delivery costs

Enter the information in ParcelExpat and get the total price of delivery from France to your country in Africa.
The total for the delivery is equal to the Estimated delivery charge of ParcelExpat + 4.90 € (ColisExpat service charge).

The total to pay to have it delivered to you:
Product price with delivery costs from the purchasing platform to parcExpat
Expat parcel delivery costs (France to your country in Africa)

You will then need to enter your KeeCash card details in order to complete your transaction.

Simulation in ColisExpat

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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