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Add one or many rechargeable cards to your account

1) 🤔 Why to create multiple rechargeable cards in one account?
2) 🛠️ How do I create multiple rechargeable cards in one account?
3) 💶 How do I transfer between multiple rechargeable cards in an account?

1) 🤔 Why to create multiple rechargeable cards in one account?

You manage several ad accounts, Netflix accounts, Spotify, etc. Make the task easier by creating several nameable cards and organize your management more easily. You have the advantage of centralizing all flows in a single account.
⚠️ Note that these secondary cards (the one you add) are only rechargeable by the main card which is the only one able to cash deposits by Mobile Money. This means that to create a new card you must make sure you have the minimum amount of €10 on your main card.

2) 🛠️ How do I add multiple rechargeable cards to the same account?

a) Go to the menu, look for the My Cards tab and click on it.
Menu - My cards

b) Click the orange tab + Add Card at the top right to create a secondary card.
Add card
c) By default, you will find the main card selected to make the payment.
In case you already have at least 2 cards you will have to choose the card with which you will pay the new one, it will not necessarily be your main card.
Create a secondary card
d) Name your new card and specify the amount to reload before clicking Add.
Name the card + amount to reload

e) After 5 minutes of waiting, you can check your main card balance and your transaction history to see the balance change. (see image below).
Check your dashboard
f) Go to your card list, click on the red icon on the main card and choose the new blue icon for your secondary card to view the bank details of the new card created.
View bank details of the new card

And here’s your secondary card created and immediately operational

3) 💶 Transfer between multiple rechargeable cards in an account?

The KeeCash payment system offers you the possibility to make transfers between several rechargeable cards. It is the ideal option to better manage your different activities. The transfer can be done at any time without conditions. The cost of the operation is 0€. Once the transfer is done, the recharged card is immediately operational.
A little reminder: You must have at least two rechargeable cards to make a transfer between them.

How does it work?

a) Go to the menu at the top left of your dashboard, look for the "My Cards" tab and click on it.
Menu - My cards

You arrive at the interface (see image below) where you will find the Transfer tab

b) You arrive at the list of cards you have to make a choice afterwards. At the bottom right you are looking for the Transfer tab, you click on it and the card-to-card transfer will begin.

c) To make the transfer, you must first choose the card that will be charged and then the card that will receive the transfer.
Once the choice is made, you specify the amount you want to transfer and validate the transaction.
Choose 2 cards + specify the amount + confirm your choice

d) Wait about 5 minutes for the beneficiary card to cash in.
Request in progress

See you soon in your KeeCash app 🤜

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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