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3DS code - Online payment validation code

What is the 3DS code?

3DS is a reliable and fast authentication system that helps secure your online payments. It ensures that the cardholder is responsible for the payment in progress and thus limits fraudulent transactions. When making an online payment, the 3DS system asks you to confirm the transaction by entering a received code.

How does it work?

1) Connecting to KeeCash

Log in to the KeeCash app by entering your PIN or email address followed by your password.
See how to sign in to your account: How to sign in to your account?

a) Go to your dashboard, go to your notifications by clicking on the bell at the top right.
Search for 3ds code and online payment validation code

b) Go to your last 3D Secure notification.
Notifications page

c) You arrive in your notification and it displays you successively the codes that will allow you to validate your payment.
Code 3ds
The password to validate your transaction
Code 3ds - Transaction validation password

Once the code is requested by the merchant’s issuing bank, you have 5 minutes to connect to KeeCash and copy and paste the codes in order to validate the pending transaction on the merchant’s website.

Here you must enter the first 6-digit code displayed in your notification.
3ds code entry on merchant site*

Here you must enter the second 8 digit code displayed in your notification.

Enter your transaction password

Now your payment is authorized and the transaction is finalized 🤗

We made a short video tutorial for you.

Safety remains a priority at KeeCash!

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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