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The 3D Secure system is an online payment security system

The number where the code is sent ends with 9012. Don't worry it's a KeeCash number. In this article, you will see how to recover the code.

Note : For PayPal usecase , click here :

This is an authentication procedure for the cardholder to ensure that it is he who is actually making the payment.

How it works (video)?
YouTube Link (French - you can activate in youtube auto translate in English) : Comment valider le code 3D Secure ou ID Check avec la carte virtuelle KeeCash (PayPal, Facebook ...)

Note : You can translate automatically by clicking on CC mode and choose english

How it works ?

Recover your 3ds code in less than a minute exclusively from the web application [here] (
Scroll down in the Menu and go all the way down just before the logout button.
Click on the 3DS Security tab or follow this link

1) Collect the currency (A), the amount (B), then the merchant (C) where you pay
2) Enter these elements in the fields provided, paying attention to each character.
Make sure to copy the currency, amount and merchant verbatim as they are written on the screen where you must enter the code.
3) Click on FIND MY 3DS CODE
4) Copy your code then enter it in the merchant form to validate your payment.
If no code is displayed after 3) make sure you have correctly entered all the elements of 1) then send the code again.

3D Secure description
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